What to Consider Before Adding a Second Storey to Your Current House

A second floor extension to your home is a great way to increase your living space and capture better views. But there are a number of nitty-gritties to think through before embarking on this exciting but challenging remodeling project. Here are a few top considerations you should make before getting started with your project.

Is it allowed?

The first and most important factor to consider is whether the renovation is allowed by your local council in the first place. Local building departments are generally responsible for regulating how construction projects within their jurisdiction must be carried out by establishing building codes. 

Before home owners can be granted legal permission (by being issued with a building permit) to extend upwards, they will need to submit house plans (including new floor plans) indicating that they've conformed to the set codes. So make sure you obtain a building permit to ensure your local council approves of your second floor addition.

What impact will the addition have on your entire house?

When coming up with a design for your second floor extension, you should keep in mind that everything from plumbing and electrical connections to interior and exterior finishing will impact the function and aesthetics of your whole house. 

A good house design should make the addition look and function like it had always been envisioned. So, you should take enough time to ensure your extension improves the functionality of your home but also boosts kerb appeal. 

You will need the help of building design professionals such as architects and building designers to ensure your house design is a good one.

What are the structural requirements? 

Adding a second storey to your home will impose extra structural load to the foundation of your house, as it will weigh more than the old roof. With this in mind, you will need to establish how much weight your current structure can support so you can determine the extent of structural reinforcement necessary to support the addition. This is a job that a building engineer can do for you. They will calculate the weight of the entire addition, keeping in mind that it will carry household belongings and be occupied by people.

Once you're done dealing with the above aspects of your second floor addition, you will need to hire a good home builder to carry out the renovation. With a professional builder at your disposal, you can rest assured knowing that your project will go smoothly.