3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Verandah Design in Your Home

A verandah makes a beautiful and functional addition to every home. Besides increasing floor space to the outdoor living area, it can also significantly increase the value of the house. If you are thinking about constructing one in your home, you need to think about the design, where the structure will go, and how it will fit in with the rest of the structure. Having these issues in mind will ensure that you don't only put up a functional structure but also improve the curb appeal of the outdoor space. Read on for tips on how to create a successful verandah design.

Choose the perfect location

There is nothing worse than building a verandah on the wrong part of your home. It will look weird and even fail to deliver on functionality. Before going into the materials and style, think about the best location for the structure. Most people usually go for the backyard, as it offers more space and is private compared to the front part of the house. However, if you have space on the sides or front, you can go for it. Work with a designer who can draw plans and simulate the verandah before its actual construction. This will give you a chance to look at what the end product will be like before committing to the project.

Get your plans approved

A verandah is considered a structural addition to the home; therefore, you may need to seek approval from the local council before proceeding with the project. This requires you to hire a designer or architect that can make plans for the structure, including its location and accurate measurements of the space that it will occupy on the property. They should also outline the total cost of the project. Most local councils require you to seek approval if your project exceeds a specified amount, so you need to consult with them first.

Find quality materials

Just like your home, a verandah should be constructed with quality materials if you want it to stand the test of time. You will need to build the decking, frame, battens and the roofing. Go over the materials you need with your designer and ensure that they can withstand inclement weather.  If you use timber, ensure that it is adequately treated, as it is prone to rot when exposed to moisture. A good contractor will help you choose the best and most durable materials for the project, and they can even recommend a reliable supplier.

A verandah is only as good as its construction. Make sure that you enlist an experienced construction contractor for the project.