Two tips for preventing injuries on a construction site

A construction site can be quite a hazardous environment to work in. Here are two things that can be done to prevent injuries from occurring on a building site: Be extremely careful when transporting heavy building materials Construction projects often require workers to handle and transport heavy building materials, such as concrete slabs, for example. The process of manually carrying or using equipment to transport these materials can endanger both the individual performing the work and those around them. [Read More]

Top Considerations When Determining the Correct Size for Your Carport

Carports are primarily built to protect cars from inclement weather elements such as rain, hailstorms, snow, ice, direct sunlight and strong wind, but they can also be used to perform other functions in the home. One of the most important things you must review when planning your carport construction project is the size of the outdoor structure. Standard carports are designed and built to accommodate just one car, but the needs of different people are not exactly the same. [Read More]