Tips For Using Natural Stone Around Your Home And Garden

Natural stone can be used in various ways around the home, within rooms and around the garden. Read on to discover some tips and ideas for incorporating this beautiful material around your place. Patios Creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living areas will unify your house and give an impression of spaciousness. If you install natural stone tiles in a kitchen or living area — simply use the same stone for your patio pavers. [Read More]

Debunking 3 Top Myths about Frameless Glass Shower Screens

If you are remodelling your bathroom and want to add a little bit of sophistication and elegance, then look no further than frameless glass shower screens. Not only do they enhance the bathroom's aesthetics, but they also make the bathroom appear larger than it is. Therefore, why do some homeowners choose other options for their showers? One possible reason is the myths surrounding frameless glass shower screens, which have discouraged many from installing them in their bathrooms. [Read More]

Don't Go Wrong with Timber Supplies

When having a building project, you can either have a builder help you or you can DIY. When it comes to structural timber, a builder knows the quality to buy and the correct timber supplies you may require. If you are doing it yourself and have little experience, you might not have this information. You can easily buy the wrong timber, leading to wastage of money and an unstable structure. Note the things you need to consider to get the correct timber and timber supplies: [Read More]

Unique Options for Your Pool Renovations

Swimming pool renovations are part of many landscape renovation and upgrade plans. Residential pool owners may think of pool renovations as simply upgrading the pool lining or the tiles. The truth is there are several unique options for your pool that pool builders can provide. Here are a few of the unique options you can consider and what to know about each one. Tanning Ledges An upgrade that many residential pool owners are considering is the addition of tanning ledges. [Read More]