Crying Over Concrete Garage Flooring Problems? Here's How Epoxy Protective Coating Can Save the Floor -- and Your Sanity!

When you have untreated concrete flooring in your garage, you're likely to have problems quite quickly. An untreated concrete floor can be a high-maintenance nightmare that also happens to give your whole garage an unattractive appearance. Fortunately, there's a solution that doesn't require all-new flooring: an epoxy protective coating. Here are all the advantages to adding this type of protective coating to your garage floor: 

Longevity: Long Live the Epoxy!

An epoxy coating can protect your concrete flooring as much as 10 years. The longevity can vary based on the amount of foot and vehicle traffic that your garage sees every day. The only time that an epoxy coating is likely to be seriously damaged is when the concrete itself suffers structural damage -- for example, the rare event that the home's foundation fails and causes severe cracking in the concrete.

Maintenance: Make it Easy With Epoxy!

An epoxy concrete coating can make your garage floor incredibly easy to maintain. This type of concrete protective coating naturally repels liquids of all types -- no worries about spilled water or even chemicals. Some types of protective coating are vulnerable to stronger chemicals, allowing holes in the coating and stains in the concrete if you have a serious spill. However, epoxy can fight even the stronger and more toxic chemicals -- you don't need to panic even if you spill windscreen washer fluid, engine oil, or radiator fluid.

The liquid beads up on an epoxy-coated garage floor, making all liquids easier to deal with. With a quick swipe of the paper towel, the liquid is gone. If your garage floor is left untreated, the porous nature of concrete will allow the liquid to absorb and stain. Occasional sweeping -- and mopping if you're feeling ambitious -- will help keep your garage floor in pristine condition when you've got an epoxy coating.

Appearance: A Garage You Can Admire Thanks to Epoxy

One of the biggest advantages of an epoxy protective concrete coating is that it can transform your plain gray garage floor into an attractive area. An epoxy coating can be found in nearly any colour you'd like -- in fact, you can even opt for specialised finishes like granite look epoxy. No reason to have a boring looking garage floor if you opt for epoxy protective coating!  

Eager for Epoxy and Its Advantages?

If you're eager to get the advantages of epoxy protective concrete coating for your garage floor, contact your local contractor to discuss the different options available. Soon, you'll have a garage floor that's both functional and beautiful.