5 Quick Steps To Take When A Water Pipe Bursts In Your House

A water pipe bursting is every home owner's worst nightmare. The damage, time and cost associated with fixing it can be immense and it grows every second you delay. These are 5 steps you should take to maximise your chance of a quick, clean and effective clean up.  1. Call An Emergency Plumber Now There are many companies that can provide you with emergency response plumbers and the nearest plumber is an hour or less away if you live in a populated area. [Read More]

5 Safety Essentials You Need for Asbestos Soil Removal

You suspected it, you took a sample, and unfortunately, it's true. You have asbestos. This can feel like tragic news when you're trying to develop a plot of land, but fortunately, with the right elements in place, you can get rid of the asbestos-ridden soil relatively quickly. Here's what you need. 1. Risk Management Assessment Ideally, you should never start asbestos soil removal on your own. Rather, you should consult with an asbesto removal specialist, and even they shouldn't just start hauling out the soil. [Read More]

How to find the right boring contractor for your property

Water is essential, if you can't find water, then you are going to struggle to maintain your property. If you are located away from the mains water supply, then the easiest way to get the water you need is by boring for water on your property. The problem with creating a bore hole is that you must know what you are doing. You can't simply create a hole and hope you are in the right place. [Read More]

2 Reasons Why Adding An Epoxy Coating To Your Existing Slab Is A Smart Choice For Your New Home

When you're building a brand-new home, the choices you need to make can feel endless—from the smallest details, such as light switches, through to the larger ones, such as the overall style of the home. Deciding which type of flooring to use in your open plan living space is a fairly major decision that can have a major influence on the final look that you achieve in the space. Finding the right flooring material isn't as simple as choosing the option that looks the best. [Read More]