How To Interview Your Custom Home Builder

Custom home builders are an ideal choice for people that need to build homes. Finding a builder that understands your needs can be challenging. Below is an excerpt with some questions you can use to interview a home builder. Ultimately, it will ensure that you work with an experienced and reasonably priced builder. 

What Is Your Experience?  

Ask the builder to send you their portfolio. It will help you assess the builder's experience and build quality. Ideally, the builder should have handled larger projects in the past. It would be wise to contact some of their clients to know how the builder relates to clients. For example, you would be interested to know whether the professional meets project deadlines and how they handle client-builder disputes. 

Which Features Can Enhance The Appeal And Value Of The House? 

Experienced builders can offer vital advice on how you can increase the value and appeal of the house. For instance, you could: 

  • Install high-quality tiles, bathroom and kitchen fixtures. People are increasingly concerned about the size and appeal of the bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Adopt open living to make the house seem spacious. Walls take up a lot of space and make the house look cramped. Use the extra space to set up a kitchen bar.
  • Include recreational areas such as balconies, patios, and gazebos.
  • Allocate adequate space to park your cars and those of your guests. Most buyers will be interested in the available parking space.
  • Improve your home's curb appeal through landscaping and lighting. 

Can You Work With Bank Finance? 

It is a vital consideration when hiring the builder. If you intend to build using bank finance, the bank will divide the projects into several phases. The builder receives payments after the successful completion of each phase. Therefore, the builder must have adequate finances to start the project. Besides, he or she must meet the required deadlines. Otherwise, they will not get paid, and your project could stall.

How Much Will You Charge? 

Ask a few reputable builders to send quotes. Ideally, the quote should be split to ensure you understand the builder's pricing strategy. For instance, he or she should charge materials separately from the labour charges. It would be tempting to work with the cheapest builder. However, you should work with a reasonably priced builder that guarantees a quality finish.

When hiring a custom home builder, inquire about their experience, how you can improve the property's value, whether they can work with bank finance and how much they will charge.