How to Be Unconventional When It Comes to Your New Lawn

Some people like to make their own statement, no matter what type of activity they are engaged in. They may apply this approach even when setting up a new home and ensure that they build from scratch on a piece of land that they bought for the purpose. If you find yourself in this position, you may have recently finished the construction phase and are now thinking about how to landscape the rest of the land. You'll want to introduce a nice lawn over most of this area, but you may want to make your own statement here as well. How can you use an unconventional approach when it comes to your lawn?

Spray, Don't Sod

If your plot of land covers some undulating ground with gently rolling slopes, then you may come across a particular challenge when it comes to bedding in a new lawn. It can be difficult to install individual sods of turf on uneven ground, and there is a tendency for the individual mats to shrink rather than to engage with their nearest neighbour. Consequently, your unconventional approach may be a better solution, so perhaps you should think about introducing spray grass instead.

In this case, you won't need to deal with individual sods of turf, as the grass itself will be sprayed directly onto the ground with a special machine. Within the machine, the grass seeds are mixed with fertilisers and nutrients so that they are perfectly ready for the task ahead.

More Natural Approach

Sometimes it is best if you grow grass from an original seed and in the ground where it is destined to live, rather than in a nursery. This is because individual grass mats are trimmed at the nursery when they are ready, and the original roots will therefore be cut off to enable them to be transported to your facility. It's much better if you can spray the seed onto the surface so that it develops in its natural form and becomes properly bedded within the soil.

Checking the Soil

Check to see if the soil at your facility will be able to accept spray grass seeds, as much will depend on the water content underneath. You always want to ensure that your grass seeds are properly hydrated if you want the final results to be as good as possible.

Making a Plan

If you've decided that spray grass is a much better approach and it certainly fits in with your need to be different, reach out to your landscaping business. They'll be able to get everything done as effectively and quickly as possible.