A Complete Guide to Building Inspection Services

A building inspection is an assessment carried out on a building to verify that it is safe for human occupation. This essay discusses the building inspection process. 

When do you require a building inspection?

Most people ask for building inspections during property purchase. However, you can also conduct a building inspection to act as a preparation guide for various repairs. It is also carried out on buildings under construction to ensure that contractors comply with the building code. 

How to find a building inspector

The building inspector that you hire must be qualified to inspect the structure you want to purchase or build. Most building inspectors are experienced in various building professions such as architecture, building and surveying. It is vital that the inspector is licenced to conduct business by the state authorities; otherwise, his or her work may be declared void. Seek referrals or look for reputable building inspectors in your locality. Some building inspectors specialise in specific systems. For instance, an inspector may specialise in plumbing, elevators, public works or building plans. 

The work of the building inspector

Some of the duties of the building inspector include the following: 

  • Evaluating construction plans to ensure that they are in line with the building code.
  • Inspecting the building during critical construction stages such as slab, bond beam, frame and the final stage.
  • Checking the building's electrical wiring, sewer lines, plumbing and heating systems to ensure they do not pose a risk to occupants.
  • Verifying that the building meets the minimum requirements regarding fire safety.

And if the builder violates the building code, the inspector will issue a violation notice to stop construction works. 

The building inspection report

The building inspection report is a document that outlines the current condition of the building. It is essential because you can use it as a reference document when selling the property. Besides, it can help you determine future improvements. The report contains a detailed explanation of the construction process, the current state of various utilities and installations, limitations during the inspection and recommendations for further works.


When hiring a building inspector, it is vital for you to understand his or her pricing strategy. Preferably, work with an inspector who has fixed costs. For the inspector to provide you with a quote, you need to explain the nature of the building inspection. You will incur extra charges if the inspector has to apply for local council permits. 

Building inspection services ensure that buildings meet the various regulatory requirements. A building inspection report summarises building works and provides information on the current state of the building.