3 Stormwater Drainage Solutions for Your Driveway

One of the areas that most homeowners have the most drainage issues with center around the driveway. In fact, the driveway area of your landscape may have several issues when it comes to drainage. These issues include problems that may result in cracking and pooling water that may cause erosion. If you are looking for ways to help with the drainage, here are three stormwater drainage solutions that can help. 

Decorative Drainage Grates

One of the ways that many homeowners use stormwater drainage solutions is to add a decorative grate to the driveway in at least one spot. These grates allow the stormwater to drain under the driveway and either into the ground, outward to a trench drainage system, or underneath the driveway to the street. Trench drains can include a decorative grate and designs to remove the industrial feel from the overall look. This can also help add to the curb appeal.

Permeable Pavement

Stormwater drainage can also be accomplished from permeable pavement options. These pavement options turn the driveway into the stormwater drainage solution. As the rainwater flows down over the pavement it passes through groves and openings. This helps the water move through and away from the driveway and area preventing it from pooling and causing irrigation issues and erosion issues. The pavement can be done in a decorative design and a stormwater drainage grate can be used at the end of the driveway to further help irrigate the water from the area.

Stormwater Drainage Trenches

Trenching the side of the driveway is one way that you may be considering for stormwater drainage. Most of these designs do tend to include only the concrete trench that runs beside either side of the driveway. If that is not enough, and sometimes it is not, you may want to have stormwater grated trenches for the drainage. This allows you a decorative design that lets the water flow through a grate to the concrete trench below. This catches debris and keeps it from getting stuck and hindering irrigation and drainage. These trenches also help prevent washing out and erosion on the sides of the driveway from happening when there is repeated heavy rainwater drainage and flow.

These are only three of the options you may have. Depending on your location and drainage issues, your contractor may offer other options as well. Consider a consultation to discuss options and what can be done for your drainage problems.