Why Your Home Build Should Be Constructed From Timber

Construction of your first home is an immense investment, and the bulk of your money will go into building supplies. With the vast array of materials that you can choose from, you may be considering gravitating toward the cheapest option in an attempt to keep your construction costs manageable. However, you should keep in mind that if the building supplies are not up to par, your structure will quickly lose its integrity and present you with a slew of repairs. To be on the safe side, you may want to consider investing in a material such as timber. Read on to find out why timer would be a good choice when constructing your new home build.

Timber provides your structure with unique aesthetics

The most prominent advantage of timber is that it is a highly diverse building supply. There is a broad range of species that you can choose from to suit all the interior design needs that the different areas of your house would have. For instance, glossy timber finishes can be utilised in rooms where you would like to maximise on light, while still enhancing the visual appeal of the place.

A second reason that timber can boost the aesthetics of your structure is the range of textures, colours and grain patterns that it is available in. Whether you would like striking timber materials to stand out conspicuously or would prefer muted colours that would blend in with your minimalist style, you are bound to find a species that fits the bill!

Timber allows for creative expression

In this day and age, people looking to build their own home tend to lean toward unique and individualised designs. Homeowners who can afford to build their home from scratch are not excited about traditional floorplans, as they would like their residence to exude their own character while still meeting their specific immediate needs. If you are one of these people, then timber would be an excellent material to choose for your construction.

For starters, timber is highly malleable, which makes it perfect for unique and ornate structural and architectural designs in your home. Secondly, timber is exceedingly functional when it comes to the array of structural elements that your house will have. For example, hardwood timer can be used in the construction of structural beams, patio decking and more, and softwood timber can be utilised as ceiling linings and cabinetry.