Tips For Using Natural Stone Around Your Home And Garden

Natural stone can be used in various ways around the home, within rooms and around the garden. Read on to discover some tips and ideas for incorporating this beautiful material around your place.


Creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living areas will unify your house and give an impression of spaciousness. If you install natural stone tiles in a kitchen or living area — simply use the same stone for your patio pavers. Because similar flooring continues in both spaces, it will feel like one large area. Expansive glass doors will open up the design further. Make sure, however, to install textured or rough-hewn stone for your patio to create an anti-slip surface. Sealants will protect both floors, but reserve polished finishes for inside surfaces only. 

Pool Decks

Splashing pool water is a part of the fun of a backyard pool, so you need to ensure the decking is safe. Select rough-cut stone pavers, which you can arrange in a range of patterns, such as herringbone, running bond and other designs to create a classy and luxurious environment. Limestone pavers, in an array of creams, fawns, pinks and blues, create excellent pool decks as they stay cool to the touch even on hot days. Other options include marble, granite, travertine and sandstone. 


Before selecting pavers for your driveway, work out the vehicle load that the surface will typically carry. The base of sand and crushed aggregate underneath paving varies depending on the expected traffic it needs to support. If pavers slip and abut against each other, they can sometimes crack or break. Rectangular pavers laid in a herringbone pattern form sturdy and durable driveways that can cope with big loads. Ask your contractor whether to allow additional space between pavers to accommodate slippage and minimise the chance of damage. 


The paths around your garden help to structure and organise the landscape, and their aesthetics add to its appeal. That's why natural stone makes an excellent choice. Choose path pavers to harmonise with your patio, pool or home architecture, as well as the natural foliage. Create an old-world feel with bluestone pavers, or give an organic character with randomly sized crazy paving. In a classic garden, symmetrical pathways with timeless square tiles, add to a sense of structure and elegance. For a touch of whimsy, surround stepping stones with gravel. The contrast of size between the pebbles and large pavers adds visual interest and contrast.