Debunking 3 Top Myths about Frameless Glass Shower Screens

If you are remodelling your bathroom and want to add a little bit of sophistication and elegance, then look no further than frameless glass shower screens. Not only do they enhance the bathroom's aesthetics, but they also make the bathroom appear larger than it is. Therefore, why do some homeowners choose other options for their showers? One possible reason is the myths surrounding frameless glass shower screens, which have discouraged many from installing them in their bathrooms. The truth is that these myths are just that, myths, and hence misguiding. This article debunks the common myths surrounding frameless glass shower screens.

Explode in Hot Shower -- It is a common myth with frameless glass shower screens, and unfortunately, most people have come to believe the frames could explode when one is taking a shower. Consequently, some homeowners deem frameless glass shower screens unsafe, especially in a home with children. The misconception stems from the notion that glass breaks when exposed to sudden drops in temperatures. However, nothing could be further from the truth because the hot shower does not affect frameless glass shower screens. It is attributed to the assurance that tempered glass provides because it is extremely strong. This property significantly reduces the chances of the glass breaking, and if it does, it does so in tiny, blunt fragments, minimising possible injuries.

Maintenance Free -- Frameless glass shower screens often come with a protective coating that prolongs the service life when the screen is used correctly. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that the protective coating eliminates the need for regular cleaning. It is a myth because nothing in this world is maintenance-free, including frameless glass shower screens. If you want to protect the screen and make it durable, then regular cleaning is important. The protective coating simply makes the glass shower screen low-maintenance, but not maintenance-free. Therefore, ensure that you wipe the frameless glass periodically so that it lasts longer and serves you better.

Showerhead Position Does Not Matter -- During bathroom remodelling, you might want to change the showerhead's position. If you decide to do so, then you need to be careful where you position the showerhead in relation to your frameless glass shower screen. Regrettably, some people do not find this necessary and end up installing the showerheads anywhere. If you have a frameless sliding shower screen and position the showerhead directly opposite the sliding panel, the chances are high that water will splash out when you open the screen. The right position to install the showerhead is on the same wall as the inner immovable panel. It protects the frameless glass shower screen sliding tracks. If you are installing a hinged frameless glass screen, such positioning protects the hinges from premature damage.

To learn more about glass showers screens, consult a resource in your area.