Unique Options for Your Pool Renovations

Swimming pool renovations are part of many landscape renovation and upgrade plans. Residential pool owners may think of pool renovations as simply upgrading the pool lining or the tiles. The truth is there are several unique options for your pool that pool builders can provide. Here are a few of the unique options you can consider and what to know about each one.

Tanning Ledges

An upgrade that many residential pool owners are considering is the addition of tanning ledges. These ledges are placed slightly above the pool level. They allow you to walk from the pool to the tanning ledges where you can have loungers placed. The ledges are also fed into a small incline going into the pool. This gives you the ability to lounge in the water without the need for a floating lounger. You can also have the tanning ledges built to include built-in tables and ledges for drinks, books and other items you may bring with you to the pool area.

Waterfall Additions

Waterfalls are additions that you may not have considered but can be an affordable addition and upgrade to your current design. The waterfalls can vary in size. Some of these are small, offering the sound and beauty of a waterfall effect into your pool. Other designs can be larger and even offer a seating area under the waterfalls to give guests a new perspective of the pool area. These are ideal if you have parties in the evening where lighting can be placed around and behind the waterfall to give even more effect and ambience. Waterfalls also help to keep water flowing and moving as well as running water in the pool through filtration areas.

Attached Jacuzzi

There are times when you may want to enjoy the pool area, but also enjoy a relaxing effect for your muscles. You can do this with an attached jacuzzi. Your pool builders can help with various designs for jacuzzi systems. These systems are added directly to your pool so you can walk from the pool and into the warm water and jets of the jacuzzi for muscle massage and relaxation. These jacuzzi additions can accommodate four or more people depending on your needs and the options you would like to choose. 

When you are ready to start the pool renovation process, schedule an appointment with your pool builders. They can sit down with you and discuss every aspect of the renovation process including the tiles, colour, and lining. They can also discuss the unique options their specific builder services can offer. If you have further questions regarding pricing, scheduling, and construction of the pool upgrades you can ask them at the time of the consultation.