Act Now to Avoid Severe Commercial Waterproofing Problems

You have a major waterproofing problem to handle if the basement of your commercial building is often wet. Most basement problems occur when water accumulates around the foundation of the business building, and this happens mainly if the basement drainage problem was poorly installed. The basement is a pivotal area of any commercial building, and that's why regular visual inspections shouldn't be undermined. Getting professional waterproofing services is the best way to deal with basement water issues. How long the exterior waterproofing will last depends on the landscape slope, location and soil type. Contact commercial waterproofing experts when you notice any of the following signs.

Floor or Wall Cracks

Some people assume the cracks they see on their foundation walls, especially if there is no water seepage. These cracks will not disappear by themselves, but they worsen each day you say you will waterproof the basement tomorrow. Those hairline cracks help you know that more hydrostatic pressure has accumulated below the ground. Heaving, gaping cracks and large cracks don't just indicate inadequate flooring but also some serious foundation issues that need the attention of commercial waterproofing experts.

Mildew and Mould

Any basement that experiences water damage will influence the growth of mould and mildew in some areas of the commercial building. Mildew and mould growth on the stairs, walls and ceilings of your basement indicate you have some leaky pipes in your basement. If you don't contact commercial waterproofing services right away, your employees and customers will experience some serious respiratory problems. So invest in professional commercial waterproofing services to make your commercial building a friendlier environment for your business activities.

Water Stains

Water stains that resemble 'outlines' on the basement floor or walls show that your basement should be waterproofed today. Most waterproofing problems in most commercial buildings aggravate if nothing is done when they are developing. The watermarks you see on the walls indicate that water is above the surface of your foundation. Exterior infiltration sources and grading issues cause this problem. The problem becomes persistent if you don't waterproof the space in good time.

Bowed walls, visible efflorescence, outside water, rust formation, unexplained sicknesses and musty and damp odour are additional signs of basement waterproofing problems. Most exterior waterproofing materials get degraded or wear off after about five years. Let professionals in waterproofing inspect your basement regularly to spot waterproofing problems early. Fixing waterproofing problems early is not expensive, and it doesn't expose your commercial building to severe water damage.