Three Practical Tips on Cable Management in Commercial Data Centres

If the cabling in your data centre is poorly organised, you will experience numerous problems in the future. In simple terms, the poorly managed wiring will obstruct free airflow around the room, limiting the cooling efficiency of the data centre. Also, disorganised cabling networks are challenging to troubleshoot, repair and maintain. In addition, if your data cables are inappropriately placed around the commercial data centre, you might have to deal with tripping accidents. If you would like to avoid these issues, you should consider using the below guidelines for better management of your data cabling.

Purchase Suitable Management Solutions

You should think about acquiring some organiser solutions such as racks for your data centre. There are multiple products which are designed to help in keeping the elements of a computer network in good order. It is advisable to explore the market and find the cabling management setups to match your organisational needs. For instance, you should ensure that the selected racks are appropriately-sized for your servers and other elements. Also, they should have a suitable design to support the cables connecting the equipment while avoiding entangling.

Label the Cabling and Colour Code

One of the common problems in disorganised data centres is the location or identification of specific cables. In simple terms, the cables tend to become mixed up, making it difficult to identify the needed cable during maintenance and repair. Therefore, you should speak to your electrician about developing a system for identifying the wires during the initial installation. In ideal circumstances, you should have a colour coding system. You can choose specific-coloured cables to match a specific purpose. For example, if you use one colour for the internal wiring in the building and another for cables connecting directly to the user equipment, you will reduce confusion. It is also important to label both ends of all your wires for optimal management efficiency. 

Check the Cabling Length

You should make sure that your cables have a suitable length if you want to keep your data centre organised and safe. In general, you should be diligent in measuring your wiring before cutting to avoid common mistakes. It is essential to remember that cables with too much slack are more vulnerable to tangling. On the other hand, if the cables are too short, they might be more prone to accidental disconnection. Consequently, you will have to plan for frequent repairs. For the best results, you should discuss the ideal cabling length with your electrical contractor.