Going Beyond Basic Lumber: Benefits of Using Treated Pine for Your Decking Project

When constructing a home, you are always on the lookout for better building products so that you do not have to worry about installation or regular maintenance in the future. Some of the materials available in the market today can serve these purposes. However, if your looking for unapparelled strength, safety, durability and reduced cost when constructing your deck, you can easily opt for treated pine.

Treated pine offers will give the benefits or even more as using cedar or redwood for your deck. Here's why treated pine should be the number one choice for your deck construction project.

Cost and longevity  

A treated pine wood decking can prove cost effective especially because it guarantees you a high performance in the years to come.

Treated pine is also impervious to rotting, and you can stay assured that your deck will stay protected from insect attacks.  Treated pine offers you the kind of warranty you won't receive from other kinds of lumber.

Treated pine can prove to be a good investment, especially when you're working on a tight budget, and at the same time offer satisfactory results as would other expensive options.

Ease to use

Treated pine an absolute pleasure to work with, especially compared to other different types of lumber. It is easy to cut, stain or carve, which makes construction an absolute delight.

Treated pine also considerably reduces the time required to prepare and treat timber, hence allowing more time to focus on other projects.


The hot Australian sun can sometimes be very unforgiving to a deck. However, treated pine is less likely to absorb the heat when subjected to sunlight. As such, a treated pine decking will feel comfortable under your feet even on a hot day.


Treated pine guarantees that your deck is protected from insect attacks, fungal infection and rotting. A treated pine decking comes with no requirement for of paint or stain application. However, with an extra layer of coating, treated pine will maintain its original shine and colour for a longer period.

It is a renewable resource

Government organisations in Australia have imposed regulations on pine harvesting to guarantee a minimum impact on the environment. Treated pine is also highly earth-friendly as it does not pollute the environment even as deposited waste.

If you're constructing a new deck, treated pine can be a worthy investment, especially compared to other woods of the same class. Make sure to consult with your contractor on the available treatment options for your new deck.