2 Instances That Require You to Seek Out the Services of a Land Surveyor

When a piece of property is bought or sold, a survey is needed to ensure that the boundaries of the land are well-defined so that both the buyer and seller have this knowledge. With the land deed and property records in hand, the surveyor will conduct a boundary identification survey to obtain these accurate measurements.

However, there are times that you may need to verify the boundaries of the land, even if you have owned the property for years. Below are a couple of such instances that will require you to seek out the services of a professional to conduct a boundary identification survey.

1. Any New Construction on Your Property, Especially Structures Close to the Boundary 

One instance in that you will need to clearly identify the boundaries of your property is before you start any new construction. Whether you are building more to your house or planning to construct new structures, you will need to have a survey completed.

This is especially true if the structures are close to the approximate boundary of the land. Having the survey completed will help you avoid problems caused by accidental construction on your neighbour's land that may require you to tear down and move the encroaching structure.

2. Any Dispute Claims about the Property's Boundary Line, Whether Originating from You or Your Neighbour

Another time when you will have to have a boundary identification survey completed is when there are any dispute claims regarding the property line. It will be needed whether the claims originate from your or your neighbour.

If your neighbour feels that structures or activity are crossing the land's perimeter, they may file a claim against you. If you feel that the neighbour is doing the same, you may also file a claim. Either way, a land surveyor to definitively define the boundary will be needed. 

While it is a given that you will need to have a piece of property surveyed if you are either buying or selling the land, there are other instances where having one done will be needed. If you plan to expand your home or build new structures or if there is a dispute with your neighbour about the location of the boundary, you will need to call in a licensed professional. If you are faced with either of these circumstances, contact a land surveyor in your area to discuss the situation so that you can plan out how to proceed.