Does your property need a wastewater design?

How much thought do you give to water? Many people only think about the water they drink or the water they use to shower or to clean their clothes, but that is only part of the story. You must have water for drinking, cooking and washing, but what happens to the water once those processes are complete? You may send the used water straight down the drain and back to the mains water system, but is that the best option? Most homes generate plenty of wastewater. Whether you are showering, emptying a cooking pan, or flushing the toilet, all of that water must go somewhere. If you send the water back to the supplier, you are placing an unnecessary burden on the nation's infrastructure.

Instead of pouring the water down the drain, there is something that you could do instead. By creating a wastewater design for your property, you could use much of the water around your home.    

What will a wastewater design service do?

You might think capturing wastewater and recycling it for other purposes sounds complicated. Maybe, you don't know how to get started or how different types of water can be reused. A wastewater design service can come to your property and see how water is being used. Following their inspection and after discussing the options with you, they can draw up a plan explaining how the water will be reused and what treatment processes are needed before the water can be safely reused.

Can all water be reused?

A wastewater design will show that all your wastewater can be reused. However, not all water can be reused in the same way, and, depending on the water source, you should expect the level of treatment to vary as well. Most of the water used in your home will come from showers and bathroom taps. This type of wastewater is known as greywater and is the easiest to recycle. Water that originates from a dishwasher, toilet or from the kitchen sink is referred to as blackwater. Blackwater can be recycled but will require a more thorough treatment process before it can be repurposed.

How can wastewater be reused?

It's unlikely you will want to use your wastewater for drinking, but many other uses are possible. Your wastewater design may suggest that after proper treatment, the former greywater could be employed for cleaning clothes in the washing machine or for flushing the toilet. Treated blackwater could be used for subsurface crop irrigation or other outside purposes. By obtaining a wastewater design and reusing water in this way, you can reduce your reliance on the mains water supply service and help protect precious water reserves.