What is the state of your tennis court?

Is your tennis court starting to look a bit worn? If you have a tennis court at home or in any open space that you own then it is important that you maintain it in good condition so that you can use it for a game whenever you feel like it. A tennis court that you can't use, or that takes ages to clear before it is playable is simply a waste of space. There are several minor things that could potentially go wrong with a tennis court. You could develop a hole in the net or you might find debris on the court that needs to be cleared away. Both of these issues will need to be checked regularly to ensure that the court is always ready for use. A potentially more serious issue that could develop is a problem with the surface of your court.

Is a tennis court resurface necessary?

When you first install a new tennis court then the surface of the court will be in great shape and you should have no problems playing a tennis match under almost any conditions but as time passes you could start to note deterioration in court surface that will affect your ability to play. Signs that you might need a tennis court resurface include obvious damage to the court surface but could also be things such as water ponding on the court after rain instead of flowing away over the edges of the court. If you see water ponding then your court may have drainage issues that will need to be dealt with properly and that often means a tennis court resurface.

How often is a tennis court resurface needed?

If your tennis court was properly constructed with the right slope on the surface and was correctly engineered for drainage then it should last for years. The exact time will depend on environmental factors as well as how often you use the court but, gaps of eight years or more between each tennis court resurface are not uncommon. If your tennis court was not built properly initially and the drainage is poor or the acrylic resurfacer has been skipped then the time between each tennis court resurface could be four years or less. If you suspect that your tennis court could benefit from being resurfaced then talk to your local resurfacing company and find out what they can do to assist you.