5 Factors Affecting the Sourcing and Selection of High-Quality Construction Materials

A smart selection for building materials is essential for the success of your construction project. The selection of materials, especially for building, can make a huge difference in overall costs, construction durability and longevity, etc. This post discusses five factors that affect the selection process for quality building materials. Read on to find out which ones.

Structure Type

The type of structure being constructed will directly affect material selection and sourcing. For instance, load-bearing structures require the selection of bricks with the highest quality. That's because bricks will be the primary load-carrying elements of the building. On the contrary, framed structures do not require high-strength bricks since concrete members act as the main load-bearing elements.

When building a residential kitchen, for example, consider scratch-resistant tiles, such as mosaic tiles. However, use highly durable flooring, such as quarry tiles for the construction of commercial kitchens. Therefore, the type of structure plays a key role when selecting your construction materials. 

Performance Requirements

Another vital factor affecting the sourcing for building materials is performance requirements needed. Generally, it's what you expect the material to achieve, and the engineering qualities the material should possess. That includes weight, durability, strength, heat conductivity and soundproofing qualities, etc. 

For example, you may choose to go for lightweight blocks to minimise a high-rise apartment's overall weight. On the contrary, residential flats may require extra thick blocks to enhance soundproofing. 

Aesthetic Properties

You wouldn't want to use materials that make your structure appear ugly and unorganised. Whether it's a road, bridge, or building, using aesthetically pleasing materials is much preferable. As a result, aesthetics play a crucial role in selecting the right materials for your construction project.


Indeed, cost-effective materials surpass other building materials as long as all other requirements are met. Besides, the cost of materials is a significant concern for all parties involved in the construction project. Cost-effective building materials may include PPC cement, M-Sand, affordable roofing sheets and so forth. 

Availability of Construction Materials

The sourcing and selection of quality construction materials also depend on availability. Transportation costs for locally available materials will be much lower since contractors purchase them in limited quantities on a convenience basis. 

Finally, it's unlikely to find unscrupulous suppliers locally since such businesses care so much about protecting their industry reputation. It's thus wise sourcing for your construction materials locally than having them shipped from abroad. Check material availability through supplier websites and local listings to find a lucrative deal.

For more information, reach out to a local building supplies company.