New Technologies That a Potential Marine Contractor Should Possess

When choosing a marine contractor, you must consider various aspects to make the right decision. For instance, you need to consider the technological prowess of a contractor because marine construction has become highly dynamic. Therefore, you need a contractor that applies the ideal technology to make a project a success. This article highlights new expertise that a potential marine contractor should have.

Double-Wall Pile -- If you intend to construct a marine project, then your contractor must consider the impact of the new structure on marine life. For example, noise from vibrations to the hammering of driving piles into the seabed disturbs marine life. The marine contractor you engage should, therefore, possess the technology to minimise the vibrations significantly. A new technology that is changing the game by reducing underwater noise levels is the double–wall pile. The outer wall of the pile acts as a sound shield that inhibits noise propagation through the water. Additionally, the design of the pile is such that the outer and inner walls join the driving shoe to reduce the acoustic effects of vibrations through the seabed. With the double-walled pile, therefore, you are guaranteed that the construction process will not affect marine life in any way.

Concentration and Velocity Metres -- Dredging is the most vital part of any marine construction project. Since dredging involves removing tons of sand and sediment from the seabed, a contractor must have a highly precise control mechanism to help maximise the efficiency of the dredging equipment, promote safety and avoid clogging in the discharge pipe. It is made possible with concentration and velocity metres. The metres show exactly how much sand and sediment goes through the pipe system and at what velocity. The best part about the technology is that it enhances efficiency because marine contractors can easily read data via a needle thereby offering vital dredging data accessibility. The ease of installation means that the meters can be installed either in the dredger's engine room or on deck for ease of monitoring.

Booster Stations -- One issue that marine contractors have to deal with in large job sites is bridging long discharge distance. The long-distance affects the suction and pumping power of the dredger system, thereby affecting the contractor's efficiency. Booster stations have helped marine contractors to solve this issue because the stations provide additional power to the dredger's discharge system. It allows a contractor to reach long distances without impacting negatively on the pumping system. Therefore, if a project area is expansive, you will need a contractor that has a booster station.

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