To repair or replace your freezer?

A broken down freezer can cause a headache when trying to factor in the cost of repair and labour in comparison to the cost of purchasing a new freezer. Freezer repairs shouldn't bother you, especially when you consider some aspects that will ease the decision between whether to repair or replace. The first thing you should do is inspect your freezer. Ensure it is plugged in and inspect the fan and circuit breaker to ensure they are working. If there are any issues there, you may just need professional help to fix a small issue.

Things to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace

Cost of repair

If the cost of repairing your freezer is more than half of the cost of buying a new one, then replacement is a better option. You should also consider the cost of installing a new freezer. Repairing your freezer will be a good option if it's cheaper than buying a new one.

Age of the freezer

Most freezers have a lifespan of 14-17 years. If your freezer has not yet reached its half lifespan, then the repair should be cheaper. If the warranty is still active, then it should cover the repair of some parts as well as labour. Even if the warranty is no longer active, do not dispose of the freezer until you determine the cost of repair. An older freezer is more costly to repair.

Energy efficiency

When shopping around for new models you may learn that newer models are more energy efficient. If you have an old model, chances are that it has lower energy efficiency and will cost you more in energy bills. All electronic appliances have an energy efficiency label that will be a guide in how much to expect from bills.

Extending lifespan

You can delay repairing a freezer by practising a few useful maintenance tips. You can vacuum the condenser coils and fan located at the back or bottom of your freezer and dust it to ensure it uses less electricity. Ensure that frost does not build up inside the freezer, and replace the freezer door if it is cracked. Good maintenance of a fridge extends its lifespan and keeps it in good working order. The minor problems can affect the efficiency of a fridge.

The choice between whether to repair or replace your freezer comes down to your budget. Checking the above aspects does not hurt, as they ensure you spend your money wisely. For more information, contact a local company that offers refrigeration repair