Key Steps for Successful Tree Felling

Tree felling can be a challenging task. In most cases, professional contractors are the best people who should handle tasks like tree felling as well as stump grinding. But if you decide to be involved in the process, you need to know that correct working techniques are important. They create a safe working environment and help you work efficiently. Here are vital steps to follow.

Plan ahead

When removing trees using chainsaws, preparation is vital. Plan on tree felling and the equipment to bring, and you will have a safe working session. The post-felling work will also be easy. First, check if there are major obstacles like buildings, roads and overhead lines in the area. Be sure to deploy warning signs if there is a road crossing the working area or if there are many people that pass by daily. 

Consider the tree felling direction

The next step is to carefully study the trees to determine the felling direction. How are the branches growing? What is the wind direction? In case you are not sure of the natural fall direction of the tree, step away from it and use a plumb line to check the direction.

Pruning the trunk

Once you have identified the felling direction and cleared the area, put warning signs. Check if you have everything you need for the task ahead. Prune the trunk and remove all the twigs and branches that can get in your way as you saw the felling cut. Prune using a pulling chain.

Choose the cutting technique

Now it's time to make that felling cut. Remember two main things: The hinge needs to have a uniform thickness and the right measurements and the breaking bar should be inserted before your tree pinches the guide bar. The technique you use to cut will depend on the size of the tree, slope and the chainsaw size.

Choose your tool

There are various felling tools you can use to take down a tree. The tree size will determine the kind if forest equipment you should use. Smaller trees do not usually require felling tools because hand force is adequate, with the use of a long pole. Felling wedges offer great felling force than breaking bars. If the case is an extreme one, you could use a winch and a rope. This is the most powerful and safe way of felling a tree.

With these tree felling steps, it shouldn't be difficult to bring down trees. Be sure to hire a contractor if you need more guidance.