Choosing the right key system for your property

If you are a landlord searching for a new key system for your multiple occupancy property then you will probably have spoken to several commercial locksmiths to see what options they can suggest. It is likely that the suggestions you have received back will all mention master key systems of some form. Master key systems are ideal for situations where you need to allow individual locks to be opened by their own keys but also need all locks to be opened by an overriding master key.

What types of master key systems are available?

In most cases with a multiple occupancy building you will want everyone to have a key that will open their individual home, and possibly the main front door as well. You may also want to grant certain individuals access to other parts of the building while preventing other key holders from those areas. In all cases you will need a master key that can open any lock in the building. Master key systems are flexible enough to allow keys to be created that will open certain locks while leaving other doors secured against prying eyes.

Whatever master key system you choose there are advantages and disadvantages that you will need to discuss with commercial locksmiths. However complex your security requirements may be a professional locksmith will be able to find a solution that is right for you. Whether you need a single master key or one grand master key and several sub-master keys that will only open certain doors the locksmith will be able to create the keys and locks to serve your needs.

How to decide which key system is right for you

When you begin to think about changing the locks in your building you must start by planning out the access requirements for each key holder. Once you are certain what level of access you need for each key holder then you can leave it to the locksmith to create a key which will open only those doors and no others. Safe in the knowledge that as the mater key holder you will still be able to access every room in the property whenever the need arises.

If you are uncertain whether master key systems are the right approach to your security concerns then discuss the situation with several commercial locksmiths. They are experts in providing security solutions for properties just like yours and will be able to suggest solutions that they have found to work well in similar circumstances.