Home Comforts on Site: How to Keep Your Workforce Happy with Your Site Facilities

Construction work is notoriously laborious, no matter what role you take in it. It's physically tiring, it involves good problem-solving and quick thinking, and it can often demand long hours. As such, construction sites can easily foster unpleasant working environments with low motivation and poor moods. This may be the cheapest way of doing things, but it certainly isn't the way to get the best out of your staff. With that in mind, here are some simple suggestions to make any project site more comfortable for your staff.

Break Areas

Ensure that break areas are kept clean, with enough tables and chairs to seat a good portion of your workforce at once. It's unlikely that everybody will take their break at once. Indeed, you'd better hope that they don't! However, in the rare event that the site must stop work for any reason at some stage in the construction process, your break area should be prepared to handle a bigger number of people than it would over the average lunch hour. Providing bottled water and hot drinks in these areas is a pleasant gesture. It means that even if somebody has a difficult morning, they may be able to come in, have a comfortable seat, and head out again restored and ready to work. Finally, outside areas should be shaded—including smoking areas.


Having unpleasant washroom facilities at your site can be a sure-fire way of lowering motivation in a heartbeat. Many people avoid music festivals altogether because of the appalling bathroom conditions—so imagine how your employees would feel having to attend something far less fun in a similar state. Portable toilets are actually very clean and hygienic; you can hire them from local companies for a very reasonable price, and they'll be in great condition when you receive them. You should then consider it your responsibility to keep them clean and presentable. Also, ensure that you hire enough. Many sites only hire one or two bathrooms, but you should stick to a minimum ratio of one toilet per ten workers. Having less than that is a sure-fire way of making them an unpleasant environment. Contact a portaloo hire company for additional advice.


It's the little things that count. Equally, it's the little things that can cause a lot of frustration. If your employees are parking in an area where there are no defined lines and it's every person for themselves, they're likely to walk onto site stressed. They might walk off-site stressed, too, if they find they've been blocked in. Establishing a decent parking area with chalk lines and some basic rules will eliminate these stresses and pressures with little to no effort on your part.

These are small changes, requiring little financial output. Because of this, you might mistake them for insignificant changes—but that's just not the case. Getting these basics right will foster the right kind of environment, allowing your contractors to get on with their work with as little discomfort and frustration as possible. They'll be more efficient, and they'll be happier. As a result, so will you.