Painting Techniques That Will Give Life to the Home

 When most people think of painting their current homes, they tend to think safely. This means they mostly use a simple and solid painting design to end up with only one defined colour.

While this is a nice, clean look for the home, it can easily become dull. For those who are creative and daring in their ventures, there are several painting techniques that they can implement to give life to the home. Carrying out such a project successfully will necessarily involve the expertise of a painter who will provide professional residential painting services and guidance throughout the project.

Here are several unique and creative painting techniques that will leave all your guests in complete awe.

Stencil designs

Stenciling is a commonly used painting technique to create standard and artistic designs on walls. Using a stencil enables painters to develop repeated patterns without relying on the accuracy of their free hands.

Stencils come in many unique shapes and sizes, allowing you to incorporate endless designs into various rooms in the home.

The Checkered look

What better way of achieving an antique versus contemporary look than to use checkerboards? To properly implement this painting technique, careful measurements must be taken. Painter's tape is often used to measure and design the boxes, after which one can paint over the tape and allow everything to dry.

Checkerboard makes it possible to use of high-contrast colours that create a dramatic effect for the room. They are perfect for kid's rooms to make the space lively.

The Striping technique

The use of stripes has been a common painting technique for many years. While vertical and horizontal stripes create a unique and dramatic effect, slanted stripes can take your creative side even further. The key to a proper striping technique is to use thick and well-defined stripes.

The process often involves painting the wall with a lighter shade, after which painter's tape can be used to design the actual stripes. Hiring a qualified painter can help you to design truly outstanding stripes. Work closely with painting contractors to utilise their creativity to bring life to your home.

Inserting wall graphics

In some cases, entire shapes of objects painted into the wall can make your room stand out. Wall graphics can incorporate the shapes of objects, animals, and even the logos of sports teams. They make it possible for you to take a targeted approach to your painting strategy and to express specific preferences.

There are many more painting techniques that can be used for the home. Work with your painter to explore the options available so you can turn a previously dull space into a hub of creativity.